A solar kiln type is available for all sizes of operations large and small, and for a broad range of products to be dried. No single kiln type suits all applications because solarkilns are a fully engineered technology that is designed to operate optimally for whichever product and environment it is operating in.

Large Sawmills


Solarkilns’ Solarola technology enables an efficient and superior method of drying a large range of timber species through its’ advanced solar drying technology. The Solarola kiln system has a unique cyclic-drying method which capitalizes on the daily cycles of heating and cooling that naturally occur each day. This system has now been proven to significantly reduce cracking, splitting, warping, case hardening and collapse commonly found in many difficult to dry timber species, in both softwood and hardwood. Solarkilns can also reduce thermal energy costs by as much as 100% whilst still drying as fast as a fuel heated kiln by operating on solar contribution alone for it's thermal heat requirements. With seasonal fluctuations, the operation of any supplementary heating system for the kiln becomes a choice at the discretion of the kiln operator/owner.

Kilns are available from 16 to 300plus cubic metres of lumber capacity. We offer three frame size options and build kilns to any length required to accommodate individual needs - contact Solarkilns for customised requirements. From smallest to largest, our arch shapes are defined as type 1, type 2 and type 3. Some relevant details are tabled below.

Methods of calculating kiln rated capacity vary from country to country and from client to client. The most common variations are in the ways lumber is tallied and in the thickness applied. Others assume that the kiln will be always occupied by kiln-length pieces- a rare situation indeed.

Below is a chart that provides internal timber stackable volume for each kiln size and we encourage all customers to calculate the amount of timber that can be put into a kiln based on there actual stack dimensions and thicknesses being dried. 

Contact Solarkilns for assitance in calculating capacity accordingly to your needs.


Internal stack volume & cubic meter capacity of kilns.


For further information please contact Solarkilns.