Generation 4 kilns are supported by license terms and conditions that optionally provide for downloads of control software upgrades as they are developed. Our skilled technicians can be called 24/7 to deal with particular problems or questions that may arise. 

Routine extended online help is available and may be negotiated by clients as part of their initial purchase package. Such offers generally involve a heavy involvement in the early stages, followed by a lower level of support when operators become fully conversant with their new technology.

While Gen 4 owners may opt for high levels of routine daily support and online training, prokiln operators may choose to purchase support that is aided by regular email transfers of excel data-log files for consideration and review by our skilled and committed technical support staff.

We take pride in having strong commercial experience using our technology, and are strongly committed to developing a reputation not only as a superior technology and drying prescription provider- but also as an excellent product and technical support company.

Prokiln and Cyclitrol may be optionally supported by use of emailed data log information we use to trouble-shoot and optimise your outcomes.

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Genius!
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