Our exceptional kiln control systems accurately control and record the kilns operation in harmony with the natural daily cycles. 

The word is now out. We now understand exactly why the daily cycle of regular heating and cooling produces higher quality outcomes from dried, heat treated lumber. Solar Kilns advanced Kiln controller technology allows clients to have the best of both worlds; air seasoned quality outcomes with the advantages of fast and reliable, exceptionally low cost kiln drying at the same time.

Designed To Be The Best

Solarkilns Kiln control system provides innovative multiple schedules that allow daily heating and cooling cycles that relieve stress. (See ‘cyclic drying’)  In essence, we have kept the advantages of natural air seasoning whilst getting rid of its disadvantages. A range of other programmable energy management functions are incorporated to allow automated and simple care-free operator control while producing fast, high-quality outcomes.

Lack of control and automation inherent to other and earlier types of solar kilns are now a thing of the past due to our comprehensive development and often unique innovations.

In the business of solar drying, information literally is power. The more you know about the rhythms of your energy cycle in your environment and the mechanics of wood drying and heat treated lumber, the more you can do to conserve and effectively channel energy – and cut costs as a result.

Monitoring Means More Money For You

With this need for information and the necessity for effective, user-friendly and remote monitoring in mind, the Solarola system was developed to feature what has been called the world’s most advanced solar kiln controller and reporting systems.

The Solarola generation 4 monitoring system allows users to easily and remotely monitor a range of real time kiln activities in graphic form for your valued lumber including

  • Solar intensity
  • The kiln’s current operating mode
  • Weather
  • Airflow direction
  • Energy consumption
  • A wealth of information to help you (or our skilled technicians at call) to determine how to best operate your kiln/s given the current conditions and your drying needs.

Even our lower level technology pro-kiln and mini-pro specifications include a comprehensive 32-point data logging system as a standard feature. With our guidance made possible by this feature, you can become an expert quickly without the risks posed by inferior technology options.


Standard Kiln Controller system features for our ‘gen 4’, ‘pro-kiln’ and mini-pro product range include

  • Advanced functions that manage energy by changing function of the solar collector during night and cloudy periods to conserve heat. They also constantly calculate and compare kiln and ambient absolute humidity levels before automatically managing kiln RH venting functions.
  • Automatically senses the appropriate time to commence nightly reconditioning (‘equalization-phase’) cool-down and applies higher humidity conditions to the heat treated lumber to promote the cyclic cool cycle.
  • Automatically stalls airflow through the solar collector cavity formed by the outer covers to conserve the stored energy at night. Heat loss at night is minimal, comparing favourably to conventionally insulated kilns without the high associated costs. Come morning, the system detects sunlight and kicks back in to full operation.

These are just some of the benefits of our unique and proven kiln controller system. Contact us for more information on how the kiln controller can suit you.

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Genius!
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