MiniPro Solarkilns 16 and 20 cubic meter capacity - ideal for;

Portable sawmill owners/operators
R&D facilities
Educational organisations and training centres
And to prove drying of your timber in your location prior to larger capital expenditure.  

Mini-Pro Technology

The most advanced and most effective solar powered kiln on this planet! -Technology that does not need supplementary heaters to dry fast - even in cool environments and locations.


Kiln Features

  • 3 Times larger solar collector area per capacity ratio of our previous highly successful and energy efficient solar kiln technology
  • Greatly improved generation 5 solar air heating and circulation system - delivering up to 16 times more heat to the process than some other commercially available solarkiln types.
  • Quick and safe roll-on, roll-off loading.
  • heavy duty roll up end walls that inflate
  • Patented cyclic control system features
  • Patented Generation 5 solar air-heating features
  • 12-volt opposing fan solar circulation and insulation system. (no ducts or vents at all associated with solar heating.
  • Permanent trickle charger and battery back up to maintain solar circulation during power failures.
  • 2 sizes available in 16m3 and 20m3
  • Entire type T1 system with capacity 16m3 runs on approximately 0.6 kW of power and 20m3 runs on 0.9kW.
  • Option to run off the smallest generator set.
  • Packs into a small crate for international shipping or transport to new locations.
  • Plastic cover replacement approx cost AUD$550 every 4-5 years
  • Cheaper than maintaining conventional cladding systems.
  • Triple skin fully automated multi-function insulation system
  • Excellent automated control of over-temperature situations
  • Built-in Weather station to enable unique energy management features
  • Solar Banking- Uses sophisticated controls and operator settings to store surplus heat in the stack for the next rainy day
  • Smart Venting- Constantly calculates ambient and kiln absolute humidity and automatically governs venting during excessively high ambient humidity periods
  • Cloud stall. (Solar heat circulation shuts down automatically when a side is in shade or a cloud passes over- then resumes when the sun returns.
  • Comprehensive excel-format data logging- for technical support, quality assurance, process optimization and general peace of mind.
  • 2 speed single direction main air circulation fans




  • Lowest possible operating cost for high quality controlled kiln drying from any known technology available.
  • Low initial capital outlays
  • Fully automated system
  • Optional moisture sensing systems available
  • Optional water spray humidification system available
  • Optional heat treatment system available
  • Superior energy performance
  • Fast drying in the worst climate conditions
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced stress, superior yield and quality outcomes from cyclic drying
  • Optional auxilary heaters available 
  • Savings of as much as 1 tonne of greenhouse gas per cubic metre dried.
  • Large savings in electrical energy due to 2 speed air circulation fans
  • Quality Assurance logging to make you the envy of lesser kiln technology owners and the preferred client for the most fastidious buyers.

Bambra1.jpg#asset:324MiniPro installed at leading Victorian forestry education farm


Bambra Agroforestry Farm in southern Victoria was established by Rowan Reid (forest scientist) in 1987 as a living outdoor classroom for farmers and forest growers keen to learn about growing high value timber. There are now more than 50 commercial species growing in a range of multipurpose plantings that provide land degradation control, shelter for sheep, fire protection, biodiversity habitat and aesthetics. Rowan carefully manages the trees by pruning and thinning with the aim of producing high quality furniture grade timber.

Using a Norwood portable band saw Rowan is sawing a range of species from his plantations and native forest. He recently purchased a 6.1 metre long MiniPro Solarkiln to finish the timber for sale to furniture makers and home builders. His first load included Blackwood, Black Walnut, Sheoak, and quartersawn boards of four species of southern eucalypts he has grown himself (E. nitensE. globulusE. obliqua and E. regnans).


“The timber has been air drying for up to two years but the core moisture content is still too high for furniture production. I need a kiln that is cheap to run and can look after itself when I’m not there. Although I’m on a steep learning curve I have been very impressed how hot it gets in the kiln and how well I have been able to control the humidity”

For more information see Bambra Agroforestry Farm

In most cases, the deliverable additional savings each year due to unique features of this technology will pay for the kiln.

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