Solarkilns: The New Standard in Hardwood & Softwood Drying

Ever heard of the famous Albert Einstein quote – ‘all things should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler’? Well, that is what Solarkilns has managed to do in our creation of the unique ‘Solarola’ drying system.

Designed to be the best

Generation-4 solarola cyclic kiln, Northern NSW, Australia

The elegant design is layered in plastic, producing and using its own heating energy to dry wood at an optimum rate and temperature. This ensures minimum cracking, warping or splitting, without the need of costly solar collectors or solar panels that can burn a hole in your pocket, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional drying methods.

The solar kilns are lightweight and portable, which not only makes transport easier but means you can enjoy lower capital costs. The innovative patented cyclic control system and prescriptions work effectively with nearly all timber species, particularly hardwoods. This means superior results of your heat treated timber at a low cost to you.

Better results for better savings

Our solar hybrid technology allows the kilns to dry at a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius. While not as high a temperature as other conventional kilns, our cyclic stress relief system means that the drying time is still just as fast or faster than our competitors (faster through main drying process, slower at end) if you are situated in an area of reasonable climate.

By using solar kilns, you can achieve a reduction in the warping, cracking and splitting of the heat treated timber by up to 95-98 %. Where curly grain, gum veins and knots were once certain to result in buckled dry product, our solar drying techniques and technology allow you to produce quality cuts with grain and features. This means even ‘low grade’ wood can gain become more valuable over ‘high grade’ flooring timber. Not only are solar kilns less expensive and produce better quality heat treated timber, they use up to 90% less fossil fuel in the drying process as well.

Good news for the you and the environment

Their lightweight construction makes solar kilns inexpensive to build and very portable, which allows users to locate them close to timber milling and felling operations. This portable drying equipment further reduces the cost of transporting green timber from the felling point to the milling location, which ultimately results in the use of less fuel for transport - another saving for both the hip-pocket and the environment. More good news for the environment - a typical ‘Solarola’ technology Solar Kiln, working in average climate zones, produces energy savings valued at approximately 4-6 times their upfront cost over a ten year life span. Now that’s good karma.

Help all around

The control system can also be operated from anywhere in the world, reducing the cost of operating the kilns by getting rid of the cost of infrastructure, labour and travel when you need to monitor kilns onsite. This advanced technology allows us to regularly ‘look-in’ to our clients’ heat treated timber-drying activities so we can assist you with new operations, meaning a safer process all around.

With all of the benefits it’s easy to see why solar kilns beat out the traditional heat treated timber drying system. With a fast growing range of alternative uses for wood-waste, including bio-fuels and electricity generation, it offers those with the vision to consider alternatives - rather than burning valuable by-products.