Our Solarkilns not only dry wood, they can be used to dry many other products


Waste Sludge



Coffee Beans




Drying Herbs

Solarkilns technology for drying fruits, spices, foodstuffs and many other products that require dehydration.

Primarily developed for the timber industry, the same drying technology benefits can be applied to drying many other products such as fruit, herbs, spices, leaves and many other edible and waste products. Accurate control in the Solarkilns chamber of humidity and temperature allow sensitive products to be dried with optimal control during critical stages of the drying process which can eliminate degraded product.

The Solar Kiln advantage is that solar contribution is converted into hot air inside the kiln providing temperatures of up to 65Deg C. This elevated temperature turns the solar kiln into a low temperature oven and dryer that has the added benefits of both temperature and humidity control.

15 Years development and intensive research has taken us through 4 generations of solar dryers starting from generation 1 dryers that we have previously superseded late in the last century.

Solarkilns is capable and willing to assist you to design an individual solar drying solution with new clients, wherever they may be located. Many unique features have been developed by us over the course of 19 years of development.

The kilns black inner skin also blocks out light so products being dried that can degrade in colour are not subject to direct sunlight.

And our Solarkilns can be installed with auxiliary heating for continuous high output production.

Other advantages include:

  • Decreased drying time of products at higher temperatures that are available in ambient conditions
  • Foods that are being dried are in an enclosed environment reducing airborne contaminants such as dirt and dust from landing on the products
  • Smaller land footprint
  • Minimal operator interaction reducing chances of contamination
  • Controller and repeatable cycles

Talk to Solarkilns about your application and how our system can benefit your drying operation.

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Still Got More Questions?