Type 3 Solarkiln, available in 50 to 300 cubic meter capacity – ideal for:

  • Medium to large sawmill owners/operators

And to prove drying of your timber in your location prior to larger capital expenditure.


The most advanced and most effective solar powered kiln on this planet!

Technology that does not need supplementary heaters to dry fast – even in cool environments and locations.

25 Years development and intensive research has taken us through 4 generations of solar dryers starting from generation 1 dryers that we have previously superseded late in the last century.

Solarkilns is capable and willing to assist you to design an individual solar drying solution with new clients, wherever they may be located. Many unique features have been developed by us over the course of 19 years of development.


  • 3 Times larger solar collector area per capacity ratio of our previous highly successful and energy efficient solar kiln technology
  • 2 levels and types of professional controllers available.
  • Hybrid solar kilns available with supplementary heating systems as optionally required.
  • Greatly improved generation 5 solar air heating and circulation system – delivering up to 16 times more heat to the process than some other commercially available solarkiln types.
  • Quick and safe roll-on, roll-off loading for kilns up to 18 metres in length
  • heavy duty roll up end walls that inflate to create and end baffle with added insulation properties
  • Patented cyclic control system features
  • Patented Generation 5 solar air-heating features
  • 12-volt opposing fan solar circulation and insulation system. (no ducts or vents at all associated with solar heating.
  • Permanent trickle charger and battery back up to maintain solar circulation during power failures.
  • Lengths and sizes can be customised from 40 cubic metres to 300 cubic metre capacity
  • Circulations fans optionally slow down at night to conserve electricity.
  • Quick and easy outer plastic cover replacement every 4-5 years- Cheaper than maintaining conventional cladding systems
  • Triple skin fully automated multi-function insulation system
  • Excellent automated control of over-temperature situations
  • Built-in Weather station to enable unique energy management features
  • Solar Banking- Uses sophisticated controls and operator settings to store surplus heat in the stack for the next rainy day
  • Smart Venting- Constantly calculates ambient and kiln absolute humidity and automatically governs venting during excessively high ambient humidity periods
  • Cloud stall. (Solar heat circulation shuts down automatically when a side is in shade or a cloud passes over- then resumes when the sun returns.
  • Comprehensive real-time data logging and performance graph formation- for technical support, quality assurance, process optimization and general peace of mind.
  • 2 speed single direction main air circulation fan
  • Remote control operation optional.


  • Lowest possible operating cost for high quality-controlled kiln drying from any known technology currently available
  • Lower initial capital outlays
  • Fully automated system
  • Optional moisture sensing systems available
  • Optional water spray humidification system available
  • Optional heat treatment system available
  • Superior energy performance
  • Fast drying in the worst climate conditions
  • Supplementary “hybrid” heating systems available
  • Low maintenance
  • Reduced drying stress, superior yield and quality outcomes from cyclic drying
  • Savings of as much as 1 tonne of greenhouse gas per cubic metre dried.
  • Large savings in electrical energy due to variable speed air circulation fans
  • Quality Assurance logging to make you the envy of lesser kiln technology owners and the preferred client for the most fastidious buyers
  • Pre-Dryer options for cold climates supported and followed by conventional final dryers

Solarkilns’ Solarola technology enables an efficient and superior method of drying a large range of timber species through its’ advanced solar drying technology. The Solarola kiln system has a unique cyclic-drying method which capitalises on the daily cycles of heating and cooling that naturally occur each day. This system has now been proven to significantly reduce cracking, splitting, warping, case hardening and collapse commonly found in many difficult to dry timber species, in both softwood and hardwood. Solarkilns can also reduce thermal energy costs by as much as 100% whilst still drying as fast as a fuel heated kiln by operating on solar contribution alone for it’s thermal heat requirements. With seasonal fluctuations, the operation of any supplementary heating system for the kiln becomes a choice at the discretion of the kiln operator/owner.

Kilns are available from 16 to 300 plus cubic metres of lumber capacity. We offer two frame size options and build kilns to any length required to accommodate individual needs – contact Solarkilns for customised requirements. From smallest to largest, our arch shapes are defined as type 1 and type 3 with some relevant details are tabled below.

Methods of calculating kiln rated capacity vary from country to country and from client to client. The most common variations are in the ways lumber is tallied and in the thickness applied. Others assume that the kiln will be always occupied by kiln-length pieces- a rare situation indeed.

Below is a chart that provides internal timber stack able volume for each kiln size and we encourage all customers to calculate the amount of timber that can be put into a kiln based on there actual stack dimensions and thicknesses being dried.

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Still Got More Questions?