The Development of New Solar Technology for Solar Kilns

Behind any worthwhile technology lies years of research, development and refinement –not to mention, sweat and millions of dollars. Solar Kilns’ cyclic drying system is no exception.

This kiln manufacturing technology has been in constant development for over a decade and is continuing in earnest.

History of Success

The first prototype solar ‘slip kiln’ was built in 1996 and the kiln manufacturing of the maiden range began commercial production in 1997. Since then an exhaustive series of development activities have been conducted and continue to create the extremely successful and innovative Solar Kiln product and cyclic drying prescription. Solar Kilns are now global leaders offering to global markets. Along with the design for the technical system for drying, we have also developed the natural drying cycle to compliment it. This cyclic or ‘intermittent’ drying method is quickly being recognised as best practise compared to all conventional low to medium temperature kiln technologies in the world today. The solarkilns innovative control systems have been designed and built to further enhance the use and maintenance of the solar kiln technology.

Facing The Future

Unlike the conventional drying kilns that seem to have halted in development, Solarkilns are committed to continuous ongoing research and study. Solar Kilns recently completed a $1.5m collaborative research project with an eminent Australian University to better understand and to optimize cyclic timber drying. This project, with research about new solar technology has complimented the ongoing advancement of the solar kiln brand, as we now begin to bring drying entities the world over the latest and most efficient  technology for their business. A broad range of kiln sizes, technology levels and controllers are available in our wide range to meet the needs of all types of operators large and small, for a large range of commodity drying applications in all climate environments.

Solar Kilns are much more than a kiln manufacturing and technology developing company – we are dedicated to new solar technology solutions and systems that gain maximum efficiency out of the drying process, while ensuring the lightest environmental footprint. In a world and industry so in need of sustainable business practices and technologies that add value, Solar Kilns stands tall.

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Still Got More Questions?