Whatever You Need, Our Driers Will Do The Job

Solarkilns is a forward looking company commited to setting the standard for best practive in the sawmill machinery timber drying industry

For over 15 years we have worked to revolutionise the timber products business through a combination of our in-house expertise, commercial timber practice, and our licensing of superior drying technologies.

We are actively developing systems and technologies to reach our vision for a more efficient, cleaner and increasingly streamlined timber products pipeline. We aim for sustained profits in an industry that is consistently getting more difficult to maintain – with rising transportation, processing and manufacturing costs as well as added environmental responsibilities.

Our core business involves the manufacturing and sale of Solarola Gen 4 kilns and Solarola Pro-kilns.

Solar Kilns technical drying skills are made available to our customers ensuring the kilns operate to their potential. This ensures profitable outcomes are available from the very first kiln charge. 

Generation Four (Gen 4)

Technology is designed for larger timber drying operations where sophisticated data logging, reporting and online functionality, and control are important considerations.


Technology is designed for small professional timber drying and sawmill machinery operations where small numbers of kilns are required and sophisticated base support technologies are not of real value or cannot be justified on economic grounds.

Both levels of drying technology include all of the key features that make Solarola the first-choice option for timber drying and other product drying. Features include – energy creation, management and superior control.

Based on the successful roll on-off structural and operational design, a heat treatment system has been developed for all sizes of operation. This system relies on advanced solar heating technology to save costs whilst sustaining the environment.

By using our drying technology, the requirements of IPSM 15 can be met. And depending on the location with or without supplementary heating. Small low cost systems are available for small operations (100 pallet capacity) to 250 cubic metre capacity units for larger operators.

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Still Got More Questions?