Solar Kilns Superior Technology Uses Free Solar Heating to Benefit You and the Environment

This solar kiln technology has continuously developed over 15 years to be able to offer the user the many benefits of solar heating and the advantages of a superior and often faster proven cyclic drying method.

  • Lower manufactured cost
  • Huge energy savings
  • Minimal waste = more saleable timber or product from less wood or raw material + higher value due to improved quality
  • Just as fast (and in some cases faster) than conventional drying technology

The technological benefits are many:

  • Solarkilns control system operation has been customised to work in harmony with the daily night/day, heat/cool cycles in the natural environment.
  • During daylight hours, the kiln operates in a manner that absorbs, accumulates and then uses the free thermal energy available.
  • The dome shape of the kiln maximises solar contribution from sun up to sun down by always having a large absorption area of the kilns skin perpendicular to the sun. (unlike any static flat panel absorber that only achieves its best results at peak times such as 11am to 2 pm) Solarkilns design maximises solar contribution during all daylight hours.
  • The suns energy is directly absorbed into the kiln. Whenever sunshine is on the kiln, heat is being absorbed and transferred into the recirculating airflow. This method is direct, fast, efficient and instantaneous! No lag in heat transfer!
  • North/ South orientation of the kiln presents the best year round collector surface to make the most of the free thermal energy in all seasons
  • During the hotter daylight hours, program the kiln controller to use the available free thermal energy to evaporate and vent only when solar contribution is at its most productive and consistent.
  • Cyclic control of the kilns operation allows the user to run a separate operating program during the day and at night.
  • At night, retain thermal energy in the kiln by shutting down venting and allowing the stored heat within the kiln to soak into the kiln load, preparing the product for the next day’s cycle.
  • Solarkilns controller also constantly measures the temperaure and humidity both inside and outside the kiln, then converts RH to absolute grams/m3 and uses this information to make logical decisions about operating venting in relation to set points and day/night programming.
  • Solarkilns control system has been programmed to take advantage of every available energy saving mechanism available to it! Years of development have produced this highly advanced control system that operates automatically and in harmony with the environment.

Comparison Study: ‘Solarola’ Solar Kiln vs The rest

To understand the superiority of our technology, consider the following comparison between Solarola and another German-developed ‘greenhouse’ solar power kiln technology known to central Brazilians.

Can deliver 4 times the heart energy at operating temperatures of 20-40c Heat energy minimal in comparison
93% energy savings (5.5gi/cubic metre) in one week, in February conditions in Melbourne 81% energy savings (5 gj/cubic metre) in a 28 day cycle in a superior Brazilian climate condition
Collector- kiln capacity ratio is over 3 times bigger – and has a similar kiln footprint. The rounded shape of the collector means better angulations to UV rays, so that its collector area ratio is 7-8 times larger than archaic flat collectors. Limited operating temperatures of maximum 10% above ambient temperature or slightly better only for damaging short midday periods.
Performs well in any climate conditions due to its tri-skin insulation system providing insulation properties (similar to conventionally) Dries more slowly because needs to resolve heat loss caused by lack of insulation
Unique energy management features add further levels of efficiency that result in fully automated use and improved retention of heat (meaning heart delivered up to 16 times higher)

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Genius!
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