Solar kilns timber drying technology has been used over the last 13 years for drying the complete range of Australian and Pacific Rim commercial timber species plus a number of others from North America.

Outstanding quality and cost efficiency have been universal including the drying of the most difficult Eucalyptus species, Western Red Cedar, Merbau, PNG Rosewood, Taun, Vitex, pinus species-Radiata pine, Oregon pine, (Douglas Fir) Cypress pine, Californian redwood, European species including oak and many more. We look forward to making hemlock another species success story in the near future.

A strong skill-set and timber drying schedules have been developed for most of these species and are available to selected clients.

Plantation timbers have featured heavily since our understanding of cyclic timber drying and subsequent control system technology developments have allowed our clients to overcome the inherent problems of drying difficult timber species.

Some of the species commonly dried by our solar kilns are: