Our Solarkilns not only dry wood, they can be used to dry many other products



Drying Herbs

Coffee Beans


As of time of writing this section of our website, we are only just beginning to deliver our superior technology into other drying applications including food.

Featuring unique aspects of our design, we have ready developed dryers with a range of additional new features suited to a broad range of applications.

Our technology will not represent the lowest cost greenhouse type solar dryer available but it will prove itself to be the most economical when all factors are considered. The key differences will be our capacity to deliver much more dry stock from same-sized kilns and to avoid fungal attack and product degradation that simply cannot be avoided in lesser technologies.

Apart from the clear cut solar efficiency advantages of our kiln technology, there are many reasons why we are already certain that our technology will greatly exceed the performance of other inferior solar drying technologies when drying food and perishable products. Some reasons include;

  • Capacity of the collector design to collect more heat energy per structure footprint
  • Automated climate interactive control features that conserve heat energy and maintain more constant levels of humidity in the drying enclosure. (avoiding fungal attack and/or use of chemicals to kill fungus and mould)
  • Complex data logging system that facilitates optimal drying schedules whilst avoiding the guess-work that is otherwise required for a solar drying process that naturally experiences variations in kiln conditions.
  • Structural design and controller features that concentrate heat energy more effectively, always providing more uniform drying conditions, including during night and bad weather periods.

In short, our technology will continue to work when other technologies cannot.

Example of Generation 1 greenhouse type solar dryer; LOW COST- HIGH RISK TECHNOLOGY.  requires unwanted sulphur and chemical treatment to avoid fungal and mould attack- dries slowly and not at all in all except excellent weather conditions.

15 Years development and intensive research has taken us through 4 generations of solar dryers starting from generation 1 dryers that we have previously superseded late in the last century.

Solarkilns is capable and willing to assist you to design an individual solar drying solution with new clients, wherever they may be located. Many unique features have been developed by us over the course of 19 years of development.

Better Results For Better Savings

Our solar hybrid technology allows the kilns to dry at a maximum of 65 degrees Celsius. While not as high a temperature as some other de-hydration kilns, our cyclic stress relief system means that the drying time is still just as fast or faster than our competitors (faster through main drying process, slower at end) if you are situated in an area of reasonable climate.

Help All Around

The PLC based control system can also be operated from anywhere in the world, reducing the cost of operating the kilns by getting rid of the cost of infrastructure, labour and travel when you need to monitor kilns onsite. This advanced technology allows us to regularly ‘look-in’ to our clients’ heat treated timber-drying activities so we can assist you with new operations, meaning a safer process all around.

This solar kiln technology has continuously developed over 15 years to be able to offer the user the many benefits of solar power and the advantages of a superior and often faster proven cyclic drying method.

  • Lower manufactured and capital cost
  • Huge energy savings
  • Minimal waste = more saleable timber or product from less raw material + higher value due to improved quality
  • Just as fast (and in some cases faster) than conventional drying technology

Revolutionary & Environmentally Friendly

Using The Suns Energy To Heat The Kiln, Still Got More Questions?